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Educational projects
organised by TEXERE members in the past.

One of the aims of TEXERE is to encourage exchanges in all aspects of textiles study and education at all levels, including adult education and workshops, so that we can see what is happening in Textiles Education around the world. As this is not often physically possible we do this by publishing articles about members' and their students' work in our newsletters. Another way is by organising joint projects on a theme which can be viewed on the website, in our newsletters and at exhibitions during ETN conferences and elsewhere. Here are some of the joint projects we have enjoyed so far.


crossover: Harms

We are delighted to announce the TEXERE 'Crossover' Exhibition associated with the XVIII ETN Conference to be held in Borås, Sweden during September 2017.
The Exhibition brochure (PDF)
NEW: Pictures from the exhibition

Members and/or their students were asked to design and produce any form of mixed media textile response including accessories, embellished jewellery and 3D pieces. We are looking for innovative design and work exploring the boundaries/techniques and processes relating to the theme of 'Crossover'.
The Design Brief for this project in PDF format.



International Textile Project to mark 25 years since the beginning of TEXERE.

Members and/or their students were asked to design and make a wall hanging using any textile techniques and textiles media on the theme of "Celebration" which may be interpreted in many ways.
Detailed conditions for this project
and some pictures:

 Single photos of Competition results

 Exhibition in Oldeberkoop (Netherlands)
 Exhibition in Billericay (England)


Centenary of ART DECO     

It was about 100 years ago that the "Art Deco" period started which also marked the beginnings of modern design or Modernism. To celebrate this centenary we were proposing a TEXERE project in which members and/or their student groups from each country were asked to design and make scarves inspired by the designs of the Art Deco Period in their own country.
Here are pictures of project results - and
from the exhibition at the Jersey Textile Showcase.
- from the exhibition in London
- from the Irish Design Week, Cork
- from the Leiden Textile Festival, Netherlands.



During the ETN conference in Kaunas, Lithuania in 2011 we exhibited this project there at the Devils Museum. Individual members and groups were invited to create textiles on the theme of "Rewind", the theme of the Kaunas Textiles Biennial, which started during the conference in September and continued until December 2011.
Read more about, and see the results of the project.


Near My Home.

This project started in 2008 and continued until 2010. It was a joint project of postcards depicting "Near My Home" made by TEXERE Members and their students. Here are the results from the "Near My Home" project.


I See Red Wool.

This project of 2002 was meant as a project about us and our teaching methods, contents and strategies, about the different positions of textiles education in the countries of our members.
Read all about the Red Wool Project

Carnival in Venice.

Upminster carnival costumes This project was a result of an exchange between the Sacred Heart of Mary Girls' School, Upminster (England) and the Istituto Statale d'Arte 'Giovanni Sello', Udine (Italy). The project was partly funded by Socrates Lingua
Udine is not far from Venice, so the Venice Carnival was chosen as a theme for the project. Under the title "United By Differences" the students were to experience each others' cultures and styles of textiles and art education. They studied the theme of Carnival, designed and made costumes, and presented them at the 1999 Venice Carnival.
Read all about the Venice Project

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