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TEXERE's Project "Rewind"

Works by Cathryn Amidei and Y Collective, Michigan, USA

Cathryn Amidei, School of Technology Studies in the College of Technology at Eastern Michigan University:
This selection of work comes from the design incubator in my program called: Y Collective. We work as members of a collective to develop garments based upon thematic principles which are exhibited in the Annual Runway Show produced by the Apparel, Textiles and Merchandising Program. We all, myself included, work together developing concepts and working on the pieces.
I've brought 11 pieces curated by the Collective

C.Amidei - Frenetic
Cathryn Amidei

Frenetic, Cool Dude in Loose Mood and Slick Chick Ready to Rock
Collected sounds, stream and bound and wrap like lashing waves around the body - that lives excitedly within.
Energy can be transferred. Energy can be stored. Music cassette tapes store music energy and when listened to ... can transfer that energy to ....
Materials: Garments woven and constructed from music cassette tapes.
Amanda Cinco

Disintegration allows integration through reorganization of matter.

Materials : Garment crocheted from T-shirts collected from childhood.
Scarf crocheted from yarn spun from deconstructed blue jeans.
C.Malvar-St. C.Malvar

Celeste Malvar-Stewart

My piece is inspired by the traditional Japanese Kimono. But, unlike the kimono, this is open at the front to allow visual energy exuded by the complementary colors to invite the viewers' energy INTO the piece, adding on a more inclusive energy dynamic, which builds upon every viewer. It's form is simple yet its context is complex: imprints of various forms of energy. Each panel is IMPRINTED differently - fingerprints, handprints, footprints and cigarette burns - to capture energy from different sources.
Materials: cotton imprinted by dyes, nontoxic paint, burned by "strangers in Times Square"

Natalie Rae Reynolds

Skin behaves as a protective covering for the body, yet it is vulnerable to harm. This garment illustrates this contrast. This also demonstrates a paradox. The walls we choose to create for protection: become the walls that debilitate and essentially take away our ability to realize life's endless possibilities.
Materials: cotton/poly knit and leather

TEXERE Feb. 2013