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TEXERE's Project "Rewind"

Works by Caroline McNamara and the "Seamless Textile Group"

The title that gave us as a group to anchor our work on was "Maternal Lines"

Caroline McNamara's "delicate hanging of
collected cloth tenderly dedicated to the
subtle memory of her mother" (A. Kettle)

Gillian Hill: Wedding Dress

Jane Ironside:
Digitally Printed and Smocked Dress

Jane did not really know her glamorous mother, who became very ill and died young, consequently there were several lovely surrogate mothers/aunts who became significant people in her life, one in particular, Genevieve encouraged an interest in art. There is a memory of a smocked dress that this woman made for her. This dress is for them.

Sue Foster: Veil

Mary Ward: Maternal Line

TEXERE Feb. 2013