The exhibitors
Back: Caroline McNamara, Hanny Spierenburg, Cathryn Amidei, Rosemary Derwent;
Front: Julia Astreou, Pamela Hardesty,
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The Project "Rewind"

TEXERE Exhibition at the International Textiles Biennial in Kaunas
September 24th - December 4th 2011

Introduction by Patricia Christy

In September 2011 ETN held their conference in Kaunas, Lithuania to coincide with the opening of the 8th International Textiles Biennial where the theme was Rewind History, Rewind Personal History and Rewind Future. We decided that it would be a good opportunity to show the work of some of the TEXERE members and their students or textiles groups.

Rewind History: showing historical and educational aspects of life through textiles.

Rewind Personal History showing textile installations which present:
1. Personal experience
2. The destiny of the artist's family, relatives or nation.
3. An overheard/read/ seen story that influenced artistic decisions

Rewind Future: Smart and high tech textile exhibits

The organisers allocated the Devil's Museum for our exhibition, a three storey building which was conveniently situated opposite the conference venue. We had the staircase which had spacious landings at each level, ideal for exhibiting the work, though unfortunately the walls were rather grey and heavily textured, which did not show the more delicate works to advantage.
The exhibits showed examples of the wide variety of work done by our members and their students from traditional to modern conceptual styles of work, covering each of the three themes, using a wide variety of techniques and materials.
A large number of visitors came to the opening of the exhibition and were impressed by what they saw. Alice Kettle a well-known English textile artist wrote an excellent review which may be seen in the Autumn 2011 Newsletter (pages 7-9). The exhibition continued until December 4th 2011.

The school and university groups who exhibited were

The Adult Textile groups were

The Individual Members who exhibited their work were

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