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TEXERE's Project "Rewind"

Works by Patricia Christy


"In Memory of my Father"

It shows my father at different ages from 10 - 70 years with images of his life and interests.
He lived most of his life in or near Blackpool, a seaside resort in Lancashire, though born in London, hence the Blackpool Tower. I was also born there. He loved the Lake District, an hour north of there, which is the other image of mountains and where we had a caravan from the time I was 12 until my parents could no longer look after it.
He was very musical, always playing the piano and also the Ukelele and was in several choirs.
He was a captain in the army during the war and his sign was Aries. The medal is the one he had as National Grand Knight of the Knights of St. Columba, a Catholic men's organisation.

All these are stitched onto a machine embroidered plan of a house on organdie, he was an architect, under which is handmade paper made from envelopes with foreign stamps all over. He was a keen stamp collector and also had his father's collection which was several albums, bound in red leather with his initials in gold.
So quite a character!

big bang

The Big Bang

has a background of black velvet sprinkled with gold and silver flakes covered with silvered web. The main part is machine and hand needle felting with blobs of painted Xpandaprint and hand embroidery

TEXERE Feb. 2013