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TEXERE's Project "Rewind"

Dolls by pupils of BAKIP secondary school, "Bundesbildungsanstalt für Kindergartenpädagogik", Vienna.
The girls are 15-16 year olds most of whom have never sewn before. They are studying to work in children's nurseries, so they have made dolls, all from the same basic pattern, using materials to depict memories of their childhood.

Sabrina Weitmann The theme of my puppet is "the mountaineer". I chose this topic because I was often hiking with my mother and grandmother in the mountains, when I was a child. I still do this with my mother every year in the summer holidays. Until I was 12 years old, my grandmother sewed "Dirndln" for me. I liked these and I want my puppet to wear one too. Furthermore she is getting two blond braids because my natural hair colour is blond I often had braids when I was younger. My puppet doesn't wear shoes because I never wanted to wear some in my childhood.

Katharina Teply

My personal story - Betül Altubay My textile material of my doll is very important for me. It has a family background. My mother got the material from her mother. It was a marriage present. In our Turkish tradition it is a sign for fertility. Actually I have to give the material to my children, but I chose it for my personal doll, because I want my children play with it. The work with the material was easy and I had a lot of fun, because I also sew in my free time. I enjoy the work.


My Personal Story - Mona Osman, 4c My doll has an important meaning to me. She reminds me of my childhood because I used a special fabric, my favorite blanket when I was a child. It was not possible for me to fall asleep without my blanket. I called it "Chuchu" and I wanted to have "Chuchu" all the time with me. All around I fixed buttons on the doll. I connect these buttons also with my childhood because I always played with them. I also really liked to dig into the box of buttons and I loved the sound of it.

Christina Popp

Melanie Maier

TEXERE Feb. 2013