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TEXERE's Project "Rewind"

DIGITAL TEXTILE DESIGN course, AFOL Moda Milano (Italy)

Historical Russian decorations and contemporary Italian design project
by Renata Pompas

The year 2011 has been declared Year of Culture and The Year of Italian Language in Russia and of Russian Language in Italy. According to the foregoing, AFOL Milano- Moda (Italy) proposes a cultural exchange project with the aim of creating an interesting synchronicity between the two cultures.

The young Italian designers of the post-degree "Digital Textile Design" AFOL Milano course - known for the high quality of its training and projects in collaboration with textile Companies and Institutions - have carried out the project "Historical Russian decorations and contemporary Italian design", creating a textile collection that emphasized the reciprocity of the cultural tendencies of Russian and Italian art between 1910 and 1930, including "Russian Constructivism" and "Italian Futurism".

The young Italian designers have reinterpreted, by adopting a contemporary stance on Italian design and its languages, some of the most important and significant specimens of the "Russian Agitational Textiles" .
These works, created with digital applications, will be printed by inkjet on fabric, to demonstrate the relevance of the "Russian Agitational Textiles" aesthetic and their possible commercial applications, related to the market of textile, fashion and interior design.

TEXERE Feb. 2013