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TEXERE's Project "Rewind"

Works by textiles artists belonging to Breed Textiel Overleg, the Netherlands
Hanny Spierenberg: There are six large textile organisations in Holland who participate in BTO with about 30,000 members. These organisations are:
NBvP women's organisation - Merkwaardig, samplers - Quiltersgilde, quilt and patchwork - Textiel Plus, all kinds of textile art - Weefnetwerk, weaving.

Anneke Kersten: Rewind future 2011 (metal yarns)

Riek Bruggink: Koper en Katoen
dancing queen
Jannie Keizer-Jans: Dancing Queen (appliqé)
Eike Klous-Anker: Collage d'n village (appliqué)

Judith Pieters: Graffiti Lace 2a

Square, by Agaath Bartels-Kleijne

"Snotterdoekjes" by Friederike Drop (melted threads)

hetty's sampler
Sampler by Hetty Hoefman

TEXERE Feb. 2013