Carnival  in  VENICE

a cultural exchange Project between an English and an Italian school

Project Report

Costumes of the
Italian students

The costumes of the English students

Spring and Autumn Detail Autumn

SPRING by Beverley Laws, aged 16, is made from polyester dupion interlined with net for shaping as a bluebell. The biased edges of the petal shapes are zig-zagged to create a wavy effect. The bodice comprises a mixture of green threads sandwiched between vanishing fabric. The butterfly is embroidered using Madeira threads and the ladybird is appliquéd and has pipe cleaner legs. The head-dress is millinery wire wrapped with dyed chenille wool with leaves of green-dyed silk stiffened with boning and bluebells machine embroidered in vanishing fabric. The mask is painted hand-made paper with painted and sequin leaves.

AUTUMN. Serena Fuller, aged 18, made her dress from old school hall orange velvet curtains painted with dye to give autumnal tones. The bodice is made the same way as the Spring costume with vanishing fabric and this has also been used for the trumpet shaped sleeves which are lined with orange/gold organza. The neckline is edged with metallic thread machine embroidery. On the skirt is a variety of autumn leaves fused with Bondaweb and toning chiffon onto the velvet which has been machine embroidered with Madeira metallic, Toledo and Rayon threads. Orange and red beads have been added to represent berries.
The head-dress has a framework of millinery wire wrapped with brown chenille onto which are wired artificial leaves made from Vilene stiffened with boning and artificial berries. The mask is made from paper with leaves painted onto a gold background with artificial berries.

SUMMER Christy Marnes, aged 18, created the bodice from rayon satin with padded satin 'thorns', machine embroidered with Madeira yarns. Textural wools were couched by hand. Green/gold organza lined the trumpet-shaped sleeves. Edges were machine-stitched using Madeira gold thread.
The skirt is three layers of petals of polyester satin interlined with net and lined with pink/gold organza and wired with millinery wire to curl back.
The rose hat was formed in the same way on a buckram base with sepals underneath. Christy painted her face on the day but has subsequently decided to make a mask.

WINTER by Amy Bee, aged 17, used white crystal organza silk painted in shades of ice blue and mauve. The layered edges of the sleeves, skirt and train have been cut to points of varying length and zig-zagged with silver metallic thread and then painted with silver and blue glitter. The centre panel of the skirt has snowflakes machine embroidered with Madeira metallic and Rayon threads.
The bodice has been made from two layers of blue organdie with chopped-up silver and other metallic fabrics in between and machine embroidered with metallic threads to produce a crunchy, icy texture. The neckline is decorated with crystal beads and around the waist are icicles made from plastic bags melted over a candle.
The mask is painted, hand-made paper. Various icy tones of machine embroidered organza were scrunched up onto a wire base for the head dress which is embellished with coiled millinery wire, plastic bag icicles and tendrils of machine edged crystal chiffon.

Sunset over London - Sunrise over Venice

The costumes are made by Frances Johnston and Zoe Lavey, aged 16. Both costumes are based on silk painted dupion, used to obtain the required shaded effect. Silhouettes were cut from black lining fabric with gold lurex inserted for windows and appliquéd onto the background using Madeira Metallic and Rayon threads.
SUNSET OVER LONDON: Zoe has appliquéd Tower Bridge on the back with wrought iron rails and lamps by the River Thames. Her head dress is layered, coloured net onto which she has sewn stars mounted on a bamboo framework and is worn with a moon mask of hand-made, painted paper.
SUNRISE OVER VENICE: The back of Frances' robe features the Rialto Bridge and silhouettes of gondolas appliquéd, again using Madeira threads. Her sun mask is from painted and gold sprayed, hand-made paper. The head dress depicts the sun rising from the night sky and is made from gold machine embroidered orange-dyed organdie and jersey, mounted on a background of midnight blue chiffon with silver embroidered stars, wired for shape.

The costumes of the Italian students

Joy and Sadness
Fire and Ice

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