A joint project of postcards depicting “Near My Home”
Made by TEXERE Members and their students

Near my home: Milano
By Renata Pompas

The students of DIGITAL TEXTILE DESIGN postgraduate course by AFOL – Moda Milan (Agency for training, vocational guidance and job) participate to the TEXERE group project “ Near my home”, with 33 textile postcards. Every student has interpreted Milan, the city where they attend the course, choosing icons recognizable abroad. You can find: the late Gothic Cathedral dedicated to Santa Maria nascente (borning); the Central Station projected by Ulisse Stacchino in the 30’s; the two artificial channels that cross the city since the XII century called “ Navigli” by Milan’s inhabitants; the city map with the fashion streets; the XV cent. Sforzesco Castle - for the construction worked also Leonardo da Vinci and Bramante; the Velasca tower, important example of new-liberty architecture; the Vittorio Emanuele gallery projected by Mengoni architect in the late 1800; the Scala theatre well-known all over the world as “the opera’s temple”; the famous 30’s tram that you can now find also in San Francisco etc.. Postcards have been created with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and printed by Achille Pinto s.p.a. with ink jet printers; the company has offered to the course its digital printing technology, sponsorising production of the postcards. The textile postcards have been then sewed on industrial felt and connected in order to form a modular panel, able to be hanged or lied flat. The students' team has participated with enthusiasm at TEXERE project for the Textile Festival 2010 in Leiden / Netherlands”, in order to let people know the different opportunities offered by the digital methodology that they are learning in the course.

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