A joint project of postcards depicting “Near My Home”
Made by TEXERE Members and their students

Near My Home Postcards from Octopus Creative Embroidery Group, England.

Octopus is a Creative Textiles Group of eight ladies from South Essex, England, who have been meeting each week during term time for eight years. Each year they follow a common theme to create a variety of textiles including embroidery, felting, weaving, silk painting, printing, dyeing and dollmaking. They exhibit and sell their work each year at a local venue.


16th century houses in Billericay,
machine embroidered by Patricia Christy.


London Skyscrapers,
appliquéd and hand embroidered by Lynda Salvatore.

Bluebells in  Norsey Woods, Billericay,
machine embroidered by Pamela Hammond.

The Bridleway in Winter in Billericay,
machine embroidered by Noella Blackler.

Fireworks at Lake Meadows Billericay,
dyed, machine embroidered and beaded by Liz Cripps.

Cottages in Brentwood at night,
discharged indigo dye and machine embroidery by Gillian Shepherd.

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