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The Postcard Project "Near My Home"

Introduction by Patricia Christy

In 2008 I was asked by the Organisers of the ETN conference and Beatrijs Sterk if TEXERE could provide a contribution to an exhibition they were planning for the ETN Conference in Linz, Austria in 2009.
So I asked members if they and/or their students could make textile postcards on the theme "Near My Home" using any textiles media they wish. I hoped that this would result in an interesting display of the many different countries and cultures of our members as well as an interesting variety of textile techniques.
The subject could be a scene, buildings, some historical event, costumes, etc., anything to do with the area in which the makers live.

The biggest contribution was from Katrin Volmers and her students from Hamburg. We also had very nice cards inspired by Milan and fashion from Renata Pompas’s students at AFOL Moda Milano, Italy, who worked with digital printing.
Other individual contributors were members: Tarja Kroger, Finland, who used Rya weaving for a Finnish Forest, a batik and embroidered view from the window of Rosemary Derwent in Geneva, architectural details of a cathedral in Croatia from Vesna Kolobarik using digital printing and embroidery, an appliqué and machine embroidered view from a window in Bucharest from Otilia Boeru, a sea scene in Norfolk using dyed materials from Jane Ironside of Norwich School of Art, and machine embroidered 16th century houses in Billericay, Essex, by me.

These are the postcards we got first: Result of 2009

Katrin Volmers about her contribution:
I gave the postcard subject as a semester task to my pupils who were in the 2nd semester. In the first semester the pupils learned many surface design basics and had now the possibility to mix and transform the learned techniques, but they could also experiment and find new techniques and materials.
The analysis of the term "Home" happened in many different ways: for a few their new home, "Hamburg", was the first place they thought of, others thought of the city where they lived before coming to Hamburg and the rest had an abstract view on the term "Home".

During the exhibition in Linz, Hanny Spierenburg of the Netherlands was impressed by the postcards and asked if we could show them at the International Quintennial of Textiles in Leiden, Netherlands, in 2010. So I invited other members who had not contributed so far to create and send more postcards for this event. As a result we had more postcards from groups in Finland, Taiwan and England. They were all displayed on a large table in the main exhibition where they were greatly admired.

See more postcards from:

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