A joint project of postcards depicting “Near My Home”
Made by TEXERE Members and their students

 The students of “Clothing design project” –course in University of Eastern Finland have made these postcards as part of their course.
Lecturer: Minna Kaipainen, University of Eastern Finland. 

Teija Lievonen, Savonlinna, Finland. ”The View From My Balcony in Summertime”,
Free-yarn felting and sewing.

Hanna Pesonen, Savonlinna, Finland. “My Backyard”, Sewing, embroidery.

Reetta Hirsimäki, Mikkeli, Finland. “Bullfinch”, Crazy quilting.

Hanna Rotinen, Kitee, Finland. ”Forest in Spring”, Chenille technique.

Hanna Rotinen, Kitee, Finland. ”Lake in Summer”, Chenille technique.

Hanna Rotinen, Kitee, Finland. ”Field in Autumn”, Chenille technique.

Hanna Rotinen, Kitee, Finland. ”Snow in Winter”, Chenille technique.

Elina Alamäki, Pyhäjärvi, Finland. “Winter Night”, Applique.

Anna Räisänen, Kuopio, Finland. “Somewhere – Under the Rainbow”, printed and embroidered.

Tuulia Lantta, Mikkeli, Finland. “Rippling River” Crazy quilting and embroidery.

Sanna Penttilä, Ilmajoki, Finland.
“Alajoki in Winter”, Rya weaving technique and hand embroidery.

Hanna Pötsönen, Savonlinna, Finland. “an Apple Tree in Kiuruvesi”, Patchwork painting.

Julia Mäkelä, Lahti, Finland. “Snowy Paths in the Forest”, Applique and machine embroidery.

Ulla Tepponen, Savonlinna, Finland.
“Bare Winter Tree”, Hand embroidery.

Ruut Huotari, Joensuu, Finland. “Snowy Field in Finnish Winter”,
Crazy quilting and machine embroidery.
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