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25th Anniversary of TEXERE - International Textile Project



Following the success of our Art Deco Scarf project, celebrating 100 years of Art Deco, we are pleased to present our new project on the theme of "Celebration" to mark 25 years since the beginning of TEXERE. It was open to all members and/or their students from every level of Art and Textiles Education including Adult Education and Workshops organised by Textile artists.

The task was to design and make a wall hanging using any textile techniques and textiles media on the theme of "Celebration" which may be interpreted in many ways such as a personal celebration, an important event, a traditional celebration in your own country, celebrating nature etc. etc..

Marijke van Welzen:
Dyed, printed and machine embroidered.

Patricia Christy:
"Celebrating Summer".
Flowers are machine embroidered onto water soluble fabric and the background is machine embroidered on Lutrador, which was then burned back for the lacy background.

Patricia Christy:
The "Year of the Monkey"
Inspiration: a picture of the Chinese New Year monkey in the newspaper. Appliquéd hand dyed fabrics and hand embroidery; it says in Chinese "Happy Chinese New Year".

Works by students of Östra Grevie folkhögskola, Vellinge, Sweden
Teacher: Josabet Werkmäster
For more pictures and all descriptions please open the detailed PDF documentation.



Works by students of Indigo Estudio Textil Students Group, Madrid, Spain -
Teacher: Lala de Dios

The common theme "Celebration" was reinforced with the color blue both as a reference to the name of the studio and also because it is the colour of the sea and the sky and so using it would be a celebration of nature somehow. Most of the small tapestries refer to Nature except by one referring to Love, that of Manuela Reina.

Estela Sánchez: Bodywrap I (25x70 cm)

Ana Aznar: Seabed (30x42 cm)

Estela Sánchez: Bodywrap II (25x70 cm)

Manuela Reina: The Courtship (33x45 cm)

Antonia de la Cruz: Blue Landscape (64x39 cm)

Manuela Reina: The Courtship (32x51 cm)

Sholeh Hosseini Mossahebnia: Blue Flowers (51x46 cm)

Mayayo Martín: Celebrating with Flowers! (46x46 cm)

Pilar Sanfiz: The Sea (32x42 cm)

Monse Calvo: One Trip, Two Memories (30x48 cm)

BAKIP Wien 10 School, 1st class (age 14-15 years), Teacher Marianne Puschner
Squares of material were hand embroidered, and stitched together to make the dress inspired by the "Life Ball" in Vienna.

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