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25th Anniversary TEXERE International Textile Project



Following the success of our Art Deco Scarf project, celebrating 100 years of Art Deco, we are pleased to announce our new project on the theme of "Celebration" to mark 25 years since the beginning of TEXERE. It is open to all members and/or their students from every level of Art and Textiles Education including Adult Education and Workshops organised by Textile artists.

Design Brief
You are asked to design and make a wall hanging using any textile techniques and textiles media on the theme of "Celebration" which may be interpreted in many ways such as a personal celebration, an important event, a traditional celebration in your own country, celebrating nature etc. etc..

Techniques and sizes
For practical reasons of transport and postage no heavy materials should be used. It should not be framed but should have some means of hanging attached. The minimum size is A3 the maximum size 70x50cms, but can be free form, not necessarily rectangular.

Schedule (changed!)
The deadline for letting Patricia Christy know that you are participating in the project is
December 31st 2015
The deadline for completing the work is March 31st
by which time we ask you to e-mail:

  1. High resolution photographs of the whole wall hanging and also a close up image,
  2. Details of the size, inspiration, technique(s) and materials used.

The date for sending the selected works of art will be announced later and a submission fee of 25 euros will be charged for those selected. We hope to exhibit the wall hangings during 2016/17 in several venues. If any of you would like to host the exhibition please let Patricia Christy know. (pchristy@talktalk.net)

We look forward to seeing a wide variety of results and hope that you will help to make the project a great success.

Patricia Christy