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TEXERE's Art-Deco-Project

Sandra Gover and Piera Ietri
Students of the Course TIESSI. Tradizione e Creatività. Laboratorio di Tessitura e Textile Design, Udine/Italy
Sandra Gover

Hand woven scarf on an 8-shaft table loom 150x40 cm
Yarns: merino wool, alpaca, mixed silk and lurex.

The scarf is the result of research on Art Deco, a style that was popular in the arts of the period between the two world wars, a complex and articulated response to the needs of an era.
The source of inspiration of the scarf comes from a piece of fabric from a private collection dated 1925. Combining ancient and modern, I worked with the custom points of variants operated in diagonals, in the colors of pink and lilac, taken from the book manuscript by Antonio Candotto, a weaver of two hundred years ago who worked in Carnia, Ampezzo (Udine). I chose materials to create a fabric pleasant to the touch, functional and stylish, with neutral colors combined with shiny yarns, in addition to the form of curves in purple lurex yarn. Each end has been woven with some decorative elements, such as spaced curves made with tabby in beige and gold lurex, creating contrast and brightness. I finally completed my scarf with beaded fringes alternating brown and lilac with golden threads.

Piera Ietri

Woven scarf to loom heddles sixteen  150 x 40 cm
Warp: cotton and lurex. Weft: cotton-viscose.

The scarf is decorated with motifs that are inspired by the textile tradition of Friuli-Venezia Giulia revisited in Art Deco style. "The peacock feathers", typical in Art Deco objects, has been translated in geometric form. The play of materials and colours in the warp gives movement, while the rhythm is constantly broken with tone on tone shades and materials themselves, to further emphasize the breaking of the rhythm, I introduced elements of ruby red.
The same geometric asymmetry, both in height and in length, was also introduced as a symbol of strength, nothing is immutable and everything is unique.
Black colour symbolizes elegance and mystery, purple symbolizes fragility and seduction and ruby red the symbol of life and youth. The stole represents a peacock which opens its magnificent fan: an evocation of a figure, icy and elegant ... and who knows, perhaps even unattainable.

Università delle LiberEtàdel Friuli Venezia Giulia, via Napoli 4 - 33100 UDINE (ITALY)