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TEXERE's Art-Deco-Project

Alessandra Indovina and Daniela Lant
Students of the Course TIESSI. Tradizione e Creativià. Laboratorio di Tessitura e Textile Design, Udine/Italy
Alessandra Indovina

Woven scarf with a four-frame harnesses  150 x 50 cm
Black merino wool and lurex yarns in various shades' of silver

My scarf is inspired by the works of Gallileo Chini (1873-1956), multi-talented artist, one of the pioneers of Italian Art Deco. Chini believed in the union of the arts with crafts and their fundamental role in the redevelopment of the area.
I was impressed by his windows with geometric patterns (lines, squares) flanking motifs made by the soft line typical of the period. In particular, using the scroll decorations on his pottery and embroidery I drew the lines that I superimposed onto the background Tabby fabric.
I have completed the design by inserting, in an irregular manner, bands of woven twill.
I used Merino wool black and silver Lurex yarn to enhance the wealth and magnificence of the Art Deco period and geometric patterns and fringes of different sizes to pay homage to a period of great artistic and cultural renewal.

Daniela Lant

Woven scarf on loom with 4 heddles 150 x 50 cm
Mohair wool and lurex, in different shades of blue, black and light blue.

I was inspired by the Art Deco pediment of an historic villa in Udine; and I was struck by the mix of colours, deep blue and light blue in the background, mixed with silver details of the prevalent design. I tried to bring its geometric shapes, elaborating the colour tones and harmonies for the realization of the scarf with my four-heddles loom. I would like to emphasize that my loom was built by the passionate husband of a skilled weaver who kindly lent it to me.
I worked on a black wool warp, weaving a weft of natural and synthetic yarns, such as black and blue lurex, to achieve the reminiscent effect of sparkling diamonds, alternating them with light blue mohair. The graphics elements are characterized by rhomboid geometric patterns of uniform size but with differently coloured backgrounds.
The pleasant touch and softness of this scarf have fully satisfied my desire to create an elegant composition, but at the same time warm and enveloping!

Università delle LiberEtà del Friuli Venezia Giulia, via Napoli 4 - 33100 UDINE (ITALY)