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TEXERE's Art-Deco-Project

Andrea Agatiello and Luisa Bergamasco
Students of the Course TIESSI. Tradizione e Creatività. Laboratorio di Tessitura e Textile Design, Udine/Italy
Andrea Agatiello

Woven scarf to loom heddles two  150 x 50 cm
Merino wool black, and silk red, green and yellow

The Art Deco period had a remarkable influence in various artistic fields in Argentina, but especially in architecture. The linear, severe and simple lines characterize the works which could be adapted to the existing buildings.
In Buenos Aires Art Deco comes from the immigrants and the communities, between the two world wars. Between democratic and despotic governments arose a magnificent architecture that belongs to the "porteño" (about the federal capital) heritage. A large number of architectural works exist that are presently preserved and have a great relevance, amongst those we can mention: The Opera Theatre, The Astral Theatre, The supplies market, The "Casa del Teatro"; which are amongst my favorites for the Art Deco scarf project.
All of these works and many more highlight the influence of this avant-garde art in Argentina.

Luisa Bergamasco

Woven scarf to loom heddles sixteen  150 x 50 cm
Mohair wool, acrylic and lurex, in different stripes

Art Deco was a fashion style which wanted to shine and prevail and not be regulated. Starting from the suggestion of the rich colors and broken lines, typical of Art Deco, I created a scarf that combines gold and green cupro. The bands of the design show the arrow facing right, then left, meeting and mixing in diverse proportions. I used different yarns: mohair, synthetic and lurex, which were also in honor of the new materials which were experienced in the 20's and 30's in Europe.
Let the party begin and the woman will become the protagonist ...

Università delle LiberEtà del Friuli Venezia Giulia, via Napoli 4 - 33100 UDINE (ITALY)