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TEXERE's Art-Deco-Project

Virginia Harrison, Australia

In Melbourne we have quite a number of beautiful Art Deco buildings, and after taking many photographs of buildings I eventually selected two from which I felt I could formulate my weave designs, the Mitchell House and Myer Emporium.
Being a weaver with a Shaft Loom I had to discard the idea of floral and swirl patterns and look at Art Deco in a more linear context. Initially I planned to weave one scarf but once I began weaving I had to make the piece a triptych to satisfy my design ideas.
The fibres I have used are pure wool white & black and hand dyed silk red & grey. To achieve the look of a building facade I chose to use a double weave in various sections across a plain weave ground on 16 shafts, compu-dobby.