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TEXERE's Art-Deco-Project

Art Deco Scarves made by students of the BAKIP Secondary School, Vienna, Austria.

The students are 15-16 years old and are training to be Kindergarten Teachers.
For inspiration they visited the Otto Wagner Church and the MAK museum in Vienna, making sketches of details which interested them and then drawing and painting the resulting design ideas. Frau Marianne Puschner demonstrated different techniques which they could use which they then tried and decided which would be best for their design.
The techniques they could choose from were silk painting, batik, screen printing and nuno felting, non of which they had tried before but one student decided to knit her scarf. They found that silk painting and batik were more difficult than they expected but their efforts were successful considering it was the first time they had used the techniques.
The project proved to be a good learning experience from the design stage to the finished products.

Alisha Müllner
Silk scarf 90cm x 90cm, silk painting with JAVANA silk paints

Denise Molzer Batik

Mia Schmutzler  silk painting

Corinna Gottsnahm  Silk Painting

Katharina Holenka, printing and painting

Anika Schweighofer, Silk painting

Carina Jandrisevits, silk screen

Jessica Weickmann, silk screen

Lisa Krickl, Silk painting

Carina Graf, Painting

Bettina Kammlander
Silk scarf 45x140 cms, Nuno felting

Jennifer Weißinger  Batik

Giulia Trevisan
Knitted scarf, Wool