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Celebrating the Centenary of ART DECO

Project for TEXERE Members
Patricia Christy - England

It was about 100 years ago that the "Art Deco" period started which also marked the beginnings of modern design or Modernism. It was a reaction against Art Nouveau by the avant-garde groups of artists in Europe starting in 1909 with the arrival in Paris of the Ballets Russes with its exotic costumes and scenery and the influence of Paul Poiret's innovative new fashions. It reached its zenith around the world in the interwar years, affecting every type of design and way of life including architecture, interior design, graphic design, the decorative arts, fashion, transport, etc.
Art Deco was a retrospective term coined in the 1960's to denote the prevalent styles of this period, but each country had its own name for it and its own version of the style such as the 'Bauhaus' in Germany, 'The Futurists' in Italy, the 'World of Art Collective' in Russia, the Jazz Age in America and the Cubism movement which influenced artists all over Eastern and Western Europe. They epitomised the new modern way of life with its sharp geometric designs and bright colours seen in every aspect of modern living.

Design Brief
To celebrate this centenary we are proposing a new TEXERE project in which members and/or their student groups from each country are asked to design and make scarves inspired by the designs of the Art Deco Period in their own country. The choice of scarves has been made with consideration to the ease of storage and transport costs.


  • Square: minimum size 60 cms square, maximum size 1 metre square
  • Rectangular: maximum size 1.60 x 0.50 metres.
Any textile technique may be used e.g. weaving, felting, printing, dyeing, batik, embroidery etc. or any combination of these techniques.

  • 5-11 March 2014 Jersey Textile Showcase, St. Aubin, Jersey. (We have some Pictures from Jersey!)
  • 12th-21st September   London, Dominion Theatre, Tottenham Court Road,   along with the CAMAC Textile Challenge, during the London Design Festival Week.
  • 13-16 May 2015 Hanny Spierenburg has kindly agreed that they may also be exhibited during the International Textile Quintennial in Leiden during which the ETN conference will take place.
  • To exhibit your scarves during the Jersey Textile Showcase the scarves must be completed by January 31st 2014,
  • You will be required to send 2 high res. jpeg images and 2 low res. of the finished scarf to show the complete scarf and a close up detail by January 31st 2014.
  • A short description (up to 200 words) explaining which textile methods you have used, and which Art Deco influence you have responded to, is also required by January 31st, 2014. These will be used for Publicity purposes and for our online gallery and exhibition display/leaflet.
  • The scarves should be sent no later than February 8th 2014 to Patricia Christy, 45, Mill Road, Billericay, CM11 2SD, Essex, England.
  • Those who are not able to complete the scarves in time for the Jersey exhibition but would like to exhibit with the other scarves in September must finish the scarves by 31st May 2014 and send the jpeg images and short description by this date. The scarves should be sent to Patricia Christy at the above address no later than 7th June.
Entry Fee

A submission fee of 20 Euros for individual adults will be charged to cover transport, administration and exhibiting costs and is payable by February 8th 2014. For groups of students the fee is 5 Euros for each student. This may be paid by Paypal to You may submit more than one entry per person.

Patricia Christy - September 2013       amended information June 2014