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  I See Red Wool

From Wool to Illusion
Students of the University of Oslo

I see red wool - or Ariadne's thread.
Students of Teacher Training for Primary Schools, Tilburg/NL

The Body and The Red Wool
Thorbecke Scholengemeenschap, Zwolle / the Netherlands

"The story of the Red Curing Wool"
From a school for handicapped children, Germany

Interaction with fibres
Crawford College of Art & Design (Text. Dpt.), Cork, Ireland

Information about this project

This project is meant as a project about us and our teaching methods, contents and strategies, about the different positions of textiles education in the countries of our members.
The aim are educational concepts, which work with artistic expression and reflect their methods: a way of theory and practice, time and form.

Our starting point was the title of a work by the German artist Rosemarie Trockel, "Ich sehe rote Wolle".
We thought that this simple task certainly would bring quite dissimilar results which although, by the similar starting point, would be comparable. By that we may show the manifold ideas and directions in the field of textiles and make possible the mutual exchange.

The Project had been carried out in several countries, by pupils of all ages and adult classes. The subject had been interpreted in a wide variety of techniques, such as dolls, felted books, wool wrapping around pupils, weaving, interpretations of paintings, embroidery, recycling etc.
The distinct handling of the theme shows exemplary the different approach to the textile medium.

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