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The Body and the Red Wool

Thorbecke Scholengemeenschap, Zwolle / the Netherlands
Teacher: Lieke Koot

my wool

The school type is V.B.O. This is the lowest school level in the Netherlands.
Ten girls, age of 16 years, worked with the theme in 4 lessons of 50 minutes.

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wool and body
red signal

  About the project

At the beginning we had a discussion in the group:
What do you think when hearing the word 'red'?
The answers where:
Love, blood, warmth, angry, roses, signal function. The most important is 'signal function', they said.

First grappling with the material:
The pupils worked alone or with a partner with two elements: red wool and their own body.

At last we worked with the whole group. There was one girl who likes to give instructions about her ideas in a natural way; she was the leader. But the rest of the group have thought with her.

Aims and results

It was a new situation for the pupils to give a quick response, a reaction with associations about the theme 'signal function'. I was surprised how, in spite of the abstract theme, the pupils at once concentrated it to the concrete situation: the body and the red wool.

The girls have worked with great pleasure.
I was not orientated towards specific pedagogical models or theories. It is my opinion that it is very important that pupils and students can give a spontaneous association about a theme.

the group

Address of the teacher: Lieke Koot LKOOT@gmx.net

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