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Information about the TEXERE Membership fee

It is necessary to be a member of ETN in order to become a member of TEXERE as we are a Textiles Education Group within ETN.
On the ETN Membership Application Form there is a tick box to request membership of TEXERE or you may contact Patricia Christy about membership through her e-mail address.
As the association has its own expenses it is necessary to pay a small additional fee of 25 euros or 17.

Methods of paying the 25 euro (17) TEXERE fee

As TEXERE is not directly linked to the ETN Secretariat we kindly ask you to separate the payment for ETN and TEXERE by paying it to the TEXERE bank account.

For the TEXERE fee we can provide the following payment possibilities:

  1. Members from European countries may transfer the 25 Euro TEXERE fee to the TEXERE account with Nationwide, Basildon.
    Hint: make a normal SEPA transfer, like from bank account to bank account in your own country.
    You need nothing but the following three items:

    IBAN   GB92 NAIA 0701 1610 9719 94
    BIC   NAIAGB21
    Account name:  Patricia Christy

  2. Members outside the Eurozone should pay the equivalent in their own currency to the TEXERE bank account above

  3. You may pay 25 Euros (or the equivalent) by Paypal direct to Patricia Christy using the e-mail address

  4. Members living in the UK: You may transfer the 17 to the TEXERE bank account above - the postal address of TEXERE is that of Patricia Christy which is shown below - , or pay through Paypal. Or you may pay 17 by cheque to Patricia Christy and send it to 45, Mill Road, Billericay, Essex, CM11 2SD

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