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Impressions from TEXERE's General Meeting in Madrid

In the Museo Instituto Valencia de Don Juan

ETN and TEXERE members, relaxing on the steps of the Museo de Traje where the conference was held.
l-r: Amalia G., Dietmar Laue at the top, Beatrijs Sterk in front of him, Diana Springall, Caroline McNamara, Patricia Christy and Julia Astreou

Marina Chekmareva giving her presentation

Lala de Dios conference leader

Another photo from Marina's speech, with Lala de Dios

Pictures from the exhibition "Suave 5"

Elena Tkachenko and her work
with Patricia Christy and Diane Springall

In this link you can find some images of the opening of the exhibition at the National Museum of Decorative Arts:
Here you have images of the exhibition:

conference break
Outside the cafe of the Museo de Traje.
Diana Springall, Dietmar Laue, Beatrijs Sterk, Dorothy Wederburn, Beate Marie Friedl, Julia Astreou, Caroline Mc Namara

Pictures of the workshops on the Sunday:

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