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Project COSTUME DESIGN - Students of Carmen Romeo from Udine (Italy)

On the traces of Adelaide Ristori
The stage costumes of a 19th Century great actress.

Secondary Level Fashion students,
Istituto Statale d'Arte "Giovanni Sello", Udine (Italy)
School year: 2009-2010
Coordinator teacher: Carmen Romeo

Adelaide Ristori (born in Cividale del Friuli, near Udine, in 1822, died in Rome in 1906), is remembered as one of the most important Italian actresses of the 19th Century. The reason why this topic was chosen to go into depth on it was mainly because it might help students to understand and know better the legacy which we leave through our lives and the professional experience of a person who marked our local history.

Adelaide Ristori started to perform when she was only three years old because both her parents were actors. Her repertoire has included romantic and historical dramas. The most notable roles she played - Medea (by Ernest Legouvé), Elisabeth I, Queen of England and Maria Antoinette (by Paolo Giacometti), Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots (by Friedrich Schiller) and Lady Macbeth (by William Shakespeare) - made Adelaide Ristori very famous all over the world.
The great actress personally used to take care of her costumes, because she considered them fundamental for having the most legendary characters living again on the stage. This happened particularly when she wore the clothes of the greatest Queens of history.

After having acquired the necessary amount of knowledge about Adelaide Ristori, the students designed costumes for Medea (Euripide, 431 BC, and the Seneca, 61-62 AD) and for Elisabeth I.

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Elisabetta I

Medea Costume  Medea  Medea

Elisabetta  Elisabetta

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