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TEXERE's Art Gallery - Works by Patricia Christy

Sea Bed
Dyed fabric, machine and hand embroidery and beading. A3-size, 2009

The Decaying Tree Stump
with fibres going in different directions and many shades of cream and browns. Embroidery in several different wools. The ivy leaves are machined fabric, and the grass by a chenille method of machining, 2015

Poppy Field
Needle felted and hand embroidered, 27x36 cms

Fountain with spider's web
Dyed background with machine embroidery and hand embroidered spider's web and spider. 34x25 cm

Crab Nebula
Needle-felted and embroidered onto black velvet, 50 cm square

Worked on dyed Lutrador, printed with Thermofax screens and machine embroidered, then heated with a heat gun to create a lacy effect on the background.
60x40 cms.
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© P. Christy, TEXERE