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TEXERE's Textiles Education Gallery
Students of Anna Maria Orban from Bucharest (Romania)

This summer the National University of Arts in Bucharest, together with the Metropolitan Library of Bucharest,
organized in the new Gallery so called "ARTOTECA BMB, the exhibition of B.A. graduating students of the Textile Department,
coordinated by lecturer Anna Maria Orban. More information you will get from our Newsletter Autumn 2013

Larisa Popa: Folium
Larisa was charmed by the structures of leaves, using the enlarged scales of the vessels. Her work is an installation that indicates the fragility of nature.

Cristina Iorga: Shell
Cristina experiments with the characteristic surface of a shell, combining woven and printed stripes to rebuild the spiral of Fibonacci.

Isabela Rizea: Corals
Inspired by the beauty of different corals Isabela creates three dimensional printed objects with textile applications (own technique).

Laura Rotaru: Bark
Inspired by the structure of the wood fibre and different bark types combining the technique of textile collage and serigraphy, and mixing the possibility of textile applications on bark, Laura created several artistic objects.

Oana Capota: Unknown Planet
Oana's work focuses on revealing the greatest depth possible on an otherwise two-dimensional surface through the use of woven textures.

Catalina Cucu: Walls
Catalina creates textile objects by focusing to rebuild the abandoned scratched walls, with different layered paintings, using textile techniques from conventional print to digital print.
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