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Gallery of Textile Works by our members

We want to establish a "show room" to display the textile art work of our members and/or their students. This is meant especially for members who don't have a website, or don't want to show their work in another website. Those with a website may also exhibit in this gallery and a reference will be made to their website.
In this way members may inspire each other, find people with similar textiles interests and at the same time add to TEXERE's attraction.

We encourage our members to send us jpg photographs of good quality - eventually we might have to reduce them in size to reduce download time.
We ask you to include the date of making, a description of each work and the materials and techniques used.
Please understand that we have to limit the number of works being shown to 5 or 6 for reasons of balance.

We would like to change the images from time to time, so members already showing their work here can update their section with their new works.

The Textiles Education Gallery will show the results of our members' teaching methodology so that perhaps you may find schools with similar ideas to form joint projects in the future.

Here are some "exhibition rooms" with textiles works of TEXERE artists.

  Marked = New, or modified

Patricia Christy


Beate Maria Friedl


 Pamela Hardesty


Dorina Horatau


Marianne Puschner



Textiles Education Gallery:

Students of
Renata Pompas

from Milano (Italy)

Students of
Carmen Romeo

from Udine (Italy)

Students of
A. M. Orban

from Bucharest (Romania)

Students of

from Bucharest (Romania)

texere Textile Education and Research in Europe - Sept. 2015