Textiles Education and Research in Europe
A Textiles Education Working Group
Within the European Textiles Network
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We are Textile educators, teachers, mentors and practicing artists. Our membership is global and our interests are many.
We seek to: Collect and exchange information and knowledge in the field of textiles education on an international scale.
Gain insight into the place, level, form and content of the subject of textiles within all sectors of education throughout the world.
Promote the subject of textiles at all levels of education.
We are also interested in providing exhibition opportunties for ourselves as well as our students.

Near My Home
Picture from our project "Near My Home"

Aims for TEXERE.

All areas include fine art and utilitarian outcomes, including two and three dimensional responses.


History of TEXERE.

After an international meeting of people involved in Textiles Education, held in Kehl, Germany in 1990, the main delegates from the European countries present met in Göteborg, Sweden in 1991, to discuss the formation of a new European Association of Textile Teachers. At this conference we defined the national and international differences and similarities among various sectors of textiles education. During the 1992 conference in Helsinki we decided to adopt the name TEXERE which stands for Textiles Education and Research in Europe. Since then we have met at a Conference or Annual General Meeting each year until 2007. We now meet in alternate years during the ETN conferences.
The last meetings:

2006 Umeå, Sweden
2007 London, England
2009 Linz/Haslach, Austria
2011 Kaunas, Lithuania
2013 Madrid, Spain (there is a "special" with some pictures!)
2015 Leiden, The Netherlands
2017 Borås, Sweden

During the conferences we have not only had presentations and exhibitions about textiles education and research but we also visited educational establishments at every level, from primary schools and secondary schools to universities and teacher training colleges where we witnessed many aspects of textiles education. Visits have also been made to textiles factories to experience the latest developments in textile production, exhibitions and museums. These international experiences have widened our horizons and enhanced the teaching and studies of all those who took part.

The networking between delegates during these meetings has resulted in exchanges of teachers and students at every level, through European funded schemes such as Comenius, Lingua, Erasmus, Socrates and Leonardo. Other teacher and student exchanges and visits have been organized privately through individual establishments.

During the Annual General Meeting of TEXERE on September 15th 2007 the existing association of TEXERE was dissolved and the members voted unanimously to become a Textiles Education Working Group within ETN.
We are now an international organisation, not just for Europeans, so there are even greater opportunities for networking and exchanges.

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