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Here it is:

The Newsletter
Autumn 2017


We invite you to visit the web pages of TEXERE - the association for textiles education at every level including adult education and textiles artists who give workshops. It is for Lifelong Learning Through Textiles.

From the Cyprus Lace Making Workshop 4-9 October 2016

You may find some information about our Textiles Education Working Group, such as activities - plans - history - ideas ...!

TEXERE General Meetings.

Our last Meeting was in Leiden/ Netherlands, May 13-16 2015

The General Meeting of 2013 was held during the ETN meeting in Madrid,
A short "Special" with a selection of photographs from this meeting may be seen here - and the whole report in our Newsletter Summer 2013.

Impression from our Meeting 2011
in Kaunas/Lithuania

Who are we?
Information about TEXERE's History, Aims and Objectives you will find in About us
- and the list of our Members from all over the world.
You may read past editions of our newsletter which will give you some idea of our former activities including our conferences and meetings.
The latest one is for 'members only' in the

Password Area:
Further information is available to Members only with their Log in code and Password.
Here are some of the joint projects on a theme Texere members have organised in the past and recently.
A "show room" to display textile art work of our members.

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